Management Team

The AmVet Technologies management team includes executives well versed in Federal Support Services Contracting both at the technical, operations, as well as contracts and financial levels. With an average of over 30 years of professional experience, senior management has worked together for the better part of ten years and demonstrated the expertise required to effectively manage progressively larger operations. A summary of top management's experience follows:

Gordon Errington – President – Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Errington began his career in the United States Army where he specialized in communications ultimately directly supporting the White House Communications Agency. After leaving the military Mr. Errington joined Electronic Data Systems (EDS) where he was program manager for the DOE headquarters IT Support Services contract managing a contract with over 200 employees and $40M in revenue. Mr. Errington rejoined the Federal workforce in October of 2000 as the head of headquarter computer operations for the DOE CIO. Later he became Deputy CIO for the Department of Energy a position from which he retired from Federal Service in late 2006. He began AmVet in 2006 and has been the President and CEO of the firm since.

Mr. Errington's background includes over 35 years experience in technology both in the area of communications and computer technology. Additionally Mr. Errington has an in depth knowledge of the government acquisition cycle and process. With extensive experience at the Agency CIO level, he is particularly well qualified to lead Program Management Office support to Agency CIO's. He is PMP certified. Mr. Errington hold a BS in Management from Troy State and a MS in Computer Science from Webster University.

Mr. Charles S. Sharrocks – Executive Vice President – Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Sharrocks has over 40 years experience supporting various Federal Agencies. A retired Navy Supply Corps officer, Mr. Sharrocks has extensive experience in contracts and financial operations. Additionally Mr. Sharrocks has managed several extremely large contracts for a variety of major firms including DynCorp, SAIC, and RS Information Systems. Among his past positions he was the Chief Information Officer for the DOE Yucca Mountain project M&O contractor, Bechtel/SAIC.

Mr. Sharrocks has extensive experience in managing computer systems operations and systems development as well as implementing programs designed to focus contract teams on providing high quality support to client organizations. His background also includes working with small and mid-sized businesses to improve their operations and help them build professional business development capabilities. Mr. Sharrocks has a BS in Engineering from Northwestern University, an MS in Computer Systems from the US Naval Postgraduate School, and an MBA from the University of Memphis. He is PMP certified.

Mr. Chris Kleszewski – Executive Vice President of Operations – General Counsel
Chris Kleszewski has over 18 Years of leadership experience managing information and security programs for Federal clients. A successful entrepreneur and attorney, his unique experience and diverse background provides a broad perspective from which he has worked with operational, regulatory and oversight agencies on the development and implementation of practical standards for risk management. His experience includes the safeguarding public data as well supporting national security activities for multiple Federal agencies. Chris' particular expertise in Cyber Security has been recognized by customers including the Department of Energy, the State Department and the US Navy. Mr. Kleszewski is personally involved in all Quality Assurance efforts and directs QA implementations. Mr. Kleszewski has a BA in Business Economics from California State University at San Bernardino and a JD degree from the University of LaVerne College of Law. He is a member of the California State Bar.

Wayne Miller - Vice President of Western Operations
Mr. Miller, with over 35 years of IT experience and extensive management skills, understands exactly what a project is about from the outset, and knows how to get it done quickly and effectively. Mr. Miller is an accomplished Information Services professional with extensive experience in bringing cutting-edge technology to clients, with a proven ability to conduct accurate needs analysis, solve problems, assess technical capabilities, conduct strategic planning, build and motivate teams, and manage projects. He is an accomplished Project Manager, and a Certified PMP, with the ability to design and implement effective strategies, develop new products, and manage resources. He is also accomplished in streamlining processes and increasing productivity.