Corporate Quality Policy Statement

AmVet policy is to consistently provide the highest level of quality to our customers. Our goal is to exceed the requirements imposed by our customers, industry standards, and Federal codes and regulations. AmVet is committed to continuous quality improvement and problem prevention as the cornerstones of our corporate quality policy. AmVet management gives priority to quality assurance over cost and schedule considerations. The complete and full implementation of AmVet quality policies, programs, plans, procedures and processes is mandatory for all employees and subcontractors. The quality of work activities shall be considered in evaluating all performance.
  • Customer focus: As an organization, we have made a commitment to understand our current and future customers' needs; meet their requirements and strive to exceed their expectations.
  • Leadership: Our executive management have committed to creating and maintaining a working environment in which people become fully involved in achieving our objectives.
  • Engagement of people: As an organization, we recognize that people are the essence of any good business and that their full involvement enables their abilities to be used for our benefit.
  • Process approach: As an organization, we understand that a desired result is achieved more efficiently when activities and related resources are managed as a repeatable process or series of interconnected repeatable processes.
  • Improvement: We have committed to achieving continual improvement across all aspects of our quality management system; it is one of our main annual objectives.
  • Evidence-based decision making: As an organization, we have committed to only make decisions relating to our QMS following an analysis of relevant data and information.
  • Relationship management: AmVet recognizes that an organization and the relationship it has with its external providers are interdependent and a mutually beneficial relationship enhances the ability of both to create value.