Enterprise Architecture Development and Support

AmVet Technologies helps you to identify both your technical and business requirements, identify and validate candidate architectures, integrate suitable candidates into the enterprise architecture model, and we work with your project teams to help them succeed at adopting and following your enterprise architecture. We can also help your project teams formulate architectures for specific applications.

Capital Planning and Investment Control - Investment and Portfolio Management

Our capital planning and investment control processes support each phase of the investment life cycle: selection, control, and evaluation. We can assist in developing uniform screening criteria for screening investment candidates, assess risks and benefits, and aid in prioritizing projects and resources. AmVet can also help you identify and contain potential project issues, including developing corrective action plans.

Program Management Office Establishment and Execution

AmVet Technologies helps you to identify industry best practices, conduct internal and external benchmarking, and enforce standards, key measures and ethics. We assist you with integration and alignment, and define processes to support executive decision-making, report program and implementation status, identify skill gaps and initiate activities to close the gaps. Additionally, we help you define and track performance measures in order to enhance current performance and achieve targets, and help identify opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Conference Management

AmVet provides all aspects of conference management, including pre-planning, event management, and post-event activities. We provide recommendations for site selection, perform site inspections, and assist in negotiating the site contract. We assist with speaker and program selection, obtain presentation materials, and develop any needed promotional materials. During the actual event, AmVet provides registration and facility management, and handles any special requests. Post-event activities include invoice reviews, providing presentation materials on-line, and assisting with acknowledgements for both speakers and staff.