Technology Integration

AmVet analyzes the relative advantages specific to the customer's need, recommends the objectives to be established by focusing on the customer's desired outcomes, develops recommended integration strategies, identifies and assists in the preparation of the optimal technological environment, and provides follow-up by evaluating the implementation strategy utilized for areas of improvement.

Information Program Management

AmVet analyzes and identifies projects that can be grouped as a "program", reacting to changes in the customer's strategy and changes in the environment, exploiting economies of scale and reducing coordination costs and risks, and developing and tracking measures of improvement for the customer's organization.

Business Workflow Analysis

AmVet provides experienced and knowledgeable staff fully capable of analyzing and integrating business process ownership, customer strategies and focus, value add, and cross-functionality to streamline, automate and improve the efficiency of the customer's business procedures, realizing dramatic improvements by fundamentally rethinking how the organization's work should be done.